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Secondary Education

Secondary education in Australia encourages innovation, creativity, and independent thinking; it offers a broad range of subjects for students to choose from. The curriculum structure is flexible and diverse.
Thus, students can select courses not only according to their interests but also according to the subjects that could improve their competitive skills most. 


Basic Requirements
  • Depends on the student's nationality

  • For students holding a passport from AL3 countries like China, students must be 18 or younger for Year 10 and 19 or younger for Year 11

  • For students from certain regions, they can start as early as Year 6


Language Requirement
  • Depends on the school's requirements


Academic Requirements
  • Depends on the student's intend level of entry. If the student intend to commence Year 7, students should have  completed Year 6 in their own country

  • However, some schools allow students to commence their studies at a higher level, providing that the students meet the school's requirements


  • Tuition Fee: Approx. AUD 13,000 p.a. (Government School); Approx. AUD 15,000 – 32,000 p.a. (Private School)

  • Living Expense: Approx. AUD $5,000 – 30,000 p.a.


Special Conditions
  • For students from AL2 or AL3 regions, a deposit of a certain amount must be shown for visa application

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