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MEA Capitals

Founded in 2019, MEA Capitals is an independent investment consulting company under MEA Group. We provide the highest quality services ranging from business acquisitions, liquidations, residential and commercial property investments, and comprehensive asset management solutions.
Currently, MEA Capitals holds the prestigious position of agency for numerous esteemed residential and commercial properties in prime locales. This includes investment ventures encompassing villas, farms, and wineries situated in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania.

Our founding ethos revolves around a dedication to providing unparalleled service, culminating in the creation of MEA Capitals—a hub for comprehensive excellence in investment consultation. With direct access to an extensive network of high-quality projects, we consistently exceed client expectations, delivering satisfaction that resonates beyond measure.

Comprising both an independent accounting team and a consulting arm, MEA Capitals ensures utmost client confidentiality while crafting bespoke investment strategies tailored to individual circumstances. Additionally, our overseas consultation offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai afford seamless follow-up services, further enhancing the client experience.

With a steadfast commitment to growth and innovation, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of enticing new investment opportunities across Australia, dedicated to maximizing returns for our esteemed clientele.

Our Team

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