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MEA Consultancy

MEA Consultancy, established in 2013 by founders Michael Wong and Christina Liu, has been deeply involved in the education and migration sectors for over a decade. With a steadfast commitment to providing effective solutions for each case, our clients can wholeheartedly trust in MEA's professionalism when navigating Australian tertiary education and immigration matters.

Our dedication to delivering high-quality service has garnered numerous positive reviews and fostered a vast network of loyal customers. This growing client base has served as the catalyst for MEA's expansion both in scale and the diversity of business projects undertaken.


Between 2015 and 2019, MEA Group successfully established branches in Brisbane, Hobart, Changsha, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Our future plans include venturing into European and Southeast Asian markets to extend our services to international clients. Our goal is to expand our network and uphold MEA Group's service principles worldwide, ensuring accountability for every client's future.

Our Team

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