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MEA Consultancy

MEA Consultancy was established in 2013. Our founders, Michael Wong and Christina Liu,  have been engaging in the education and migration fields for over ten years and handled each case effectively by providing the perfect solution to clients. Thus, our clients can entirely rely on MEA's professionalism in dealing with their situations regarding Australian tertiary education and immigration.

MEA's high-quality service has gained numerous positive reviews and accumulated countless loyal customers. The scope of MEA's client base has greatly increased, which laid the foundation for the company's expansion in scale and the types of business projects.
From 2015 to 2019, MEA Group has successively established branches in Brisbane, Hobart, Changsha, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. We also plan to step into the European market in 2021 and provide services to international clients. We aim to spread our network and MEA Group's service principles to clients worldwide and be responsible for every client's future.

Our Team

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