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Having its headquarters located in Melbourne CBD, MEA GROUP primarily focused on Australian overseas service. With perfect qualifications as well as accreditations from several government authorities, MEA has gained profound experience by serving the industry for nearly a decade.


With our rapidly expanding customer base, MEA GROUP have set up subsidiaries, including "MEA Capitals", to provide real estate and investment services, as well as "Mendis & Gibson Lawyers", to provide legal advisory services.


MEA GROUP is a highly-skilled professional services team, ranging in areas from education & migration to investment and legal. MEA is renowned for its exceptional quality of services and is highly praised both inside and outside the industry.

In addition to the headquarters in Melbourne, MEA also has branches in Hobart, Shanghai, Changsha and Hong Kong. Our agency also has offices in service at multiple locations such as Brisbane.



Michael Wong

Managing Director



Legal Practitioner

(LPN: 5513493)

Former New Zealand Licensed Immigration Adviser

(Licence Number: 201502676)

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Christina Liu

Co-Founder and Director


Migration Counsellor

Qualified Education Counsellor

(QEAC: G121)

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