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Based in the heart of Melbourne's CBD, MEA GROUP specialises in offering Australian overseas services. With a stellar track record backed by qualifications and accreditations from various government bodies, MEA has amassed invaluable expertise over nearly a decade of industry service.


As our clientele expands rapidly and their demands diversify, MEA GROUP has expanded our scope through subsidiary ventures. These include "MEA Capitals," dedicated to real estate and investment services, and "Integro Lawyers," offering legal advisory support.

Comprising a team of highly skilled professionals, MEA GROUP excels across diverse sectors, spanning education, migration, investment, and legal fields. Renowned for delivering exceptional quality services, MEA garners praise from within and beyond the industry.

Beyond its Melbourne headquarters, MEA operates offices in key locations like Shanghai, Changsha, and Hong Kong, ensuring widespread accessibility for its clientele.


Michael Wong

Co - Founder and

Managing Director




Christina Liu

Co-Founder and Director


Migration Counsellor

Qualified Education Counsellor

(QEAC: G121)

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