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Welcome To MEA Consultancy

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

The professional team of MEA Consultancy is of great credibility and has a strong sense of teamwork.

What We Offer

The education and migration counsellors and assistants work well together to ensure that each case is followed-up effectively and immediately. The quality of service can be absolutely guaranteed and enjoys a high reputation in the Chinese and Australian industries. MEA team mainly consists of international students who have experienced two kinds of education systems at home and abroad. This young team is more energetic and can actively deal with clients’ cases with great enthusiasm.

How We Offer

To make parents more reassured, MEA Consultancy has set up psychological counseling service which allows international students to integrate into overseas life as soon as possible. Also, MEA staff will communicate with customers in a timely manner once they arrive in Australia. For younger students, we will help them to contact with their parents, and give feedback of student’s situation on a regular basis, so that both parents and their children can enjoy a better and seamless connection.


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