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Why Choose Us

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

MEA Consultancy is a highly qualified Australian immigration agent, accredited by several government organizations and industry certification bodies. Both our migration agents and education counsellors hold Australian registered qualifications, strictly follow regulations and guidelines, and regularly participate in professional trainings organized by government, the Ministry of Education, and professional colleges.

International Registered Qualification

MEA Consultancy has kept updating professional information. Each counsellor has overseas study experience and Australian education consultation license. Having been in education and migration industry for many years, MEA has regularly held seminars about training experience with major universities and institutions in Australia. Also, MEA Consultancy has developed deep understanding about Australian education system so that it can recommend the most suitable schools and courses for students based on their personal situation. The formality and legitimacy make us an outstanding firm in the education and migration industry and deeply trusted by our customers.

Focus On Australia

MEA Consultancy mainly focuses on education and migration consultation in Australia. There are many advantages of living and studying in Australia. As for overseas studies, Australia has a comprehensive education system. The higher education institutions also enjoy higher ranking all over the world. Thus, Australia is one of the best choices for studying abroad. For investment migration, Australia has a pleasant climate and amazing scenery. The city’s economic and political development is relatively fast, and it is the best choice for young people’s career development and aging care for the elderly. It is precisely because of these unique conditions that MEA is determined to bring customers with the best future life.

MEA has in-depth understanding of Australian education system and visa application because of years of experience. We have regularly participated in training activities of major institutions to ensure the access of the latest information and to provide students with the most suitable education plan. Also, migration agents in MEA Consultancy have kept following up the latest developments of the Immigration Department to ensure that customers can successfully immigrate to Australia. This is the embodiment of MEA’S professionalism — we are committed to providing more professional and more effective services.

99.6% Success Rate

MEA Consultancy enjoys a good brand reputation at home and abroad based on the principle of “Creating a Better Future for Customers”. According to statistics, the success rate of cases is as high as 99.6%. When dealing with education and migration cases, MEA will develop a couple of different plans for clients to ensure that your education and migration plans are close to perfect. You can choose your favorite solution according to your personal situation and future planning. This also reflects the spirit of “People-oriented” service in MEA, giving customers the greatest respect and initiative.

Having worked in education and migration industry for years, MEA Consultancy will provide a perfect education and migration plans for clients with taking their future arrangement into consideration. It is precisely because of our unremitting efforts and perseverance, we have received loads of positive feedbacks from our clients and have been rated as one of the favorite agents in Australia.


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