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The Connection Between China And Australia

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

MEA is a typical example of foreign-founded education and migration company that have grown abroad and then continued to develop in China. The company's headquarters is in Melbourne, Australia, and has established a branch office in Hobart.

Our Pathway

In 2016, MEA established the first office in Changsha which is the hometown of one of the founders — Christina Liu. In 2017, MEA set up branches in Beijing and Hong Kong, and will open at the end of 2018.

Our Strengths

MEA is a Melbourne based agent which enjoys a great deal of geographic advantages, such as access to first-hand migration information, and communication with immigration and universities officer face to face.  Our Colleagues from the headquarters will follow up all the customers who get their cases done in our Chinese office. Our team in Melbourne has accumulated a wealth of experience, allowing customers to enjoy first-hand information even if they are not in Australia.  Our friendly staff is professional at helping domestic customers to figure out and solve the key issues of oversea study, migration and investment, while we will also follow up the life of customers after coming to Australia to ensure that customers can get used to the local life as sooner as possible.

Besides, setting up a headquarter in Australia also allows our customers to come and to take consultation with us whenever they need. The purposes of establishing a Chinese branch is to understand the needs of our Chinese customers better, so that we can handle the various cases with combining the actual situation both in China and Australia. This Sino-Australian joint working model can effectively provide convenience and peace of mind for customers in China. MEA will guarantee the smooth transfer of customers coming from China to Australia.


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