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English Language Course

About the Course

The English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students offers a wide range of English courses for students, including General English, Academic English (EAP), Intensive Academic English (IAP), Business English Cambridge Exam (FCE&CAE), IELTS bridging courses, middle school English Bridging course, etc.

Most of the intensive English courses are equipped with the modern language-learning facility, students can use high-quality audio-visual equipment in the learning centre, and all teachers have professional qualifications to teach English.

This professional intensive English program enables students to quickly integrate into a pure English-speaking environment, which helps them to improve their listening and speaking skills and lay the foundation for successful entry into the main course.



Tuition fee varies from the course length, approximately AUD $300 per week


Basic Requirement

Not applied


Language Requirement

Not applied


Academic Requirement

Not applied

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