Why study at Australian primary school?

Australia’s primary education system is quite comprehensive, it aims to cultivate basic learning and living abilities of children from an early age. The primary education system in Australia varies from state to state or territory, and it normally takes 6 years to complete. The courses in primary school consist of English, mathematics, social studies, art (including music, painting, art crafts and drama) and health care (including sports and quality training). Under the same level of education, Australian primary school tuition is relatively cheaper than that in China. According to the statistics, the annual tuition fee for private schools in Beijing is about ¥150,000 RMB.

Basic requirement

  • The minimum admission age is 6 years old

Language requirement

  • Academic transcript of English. IELTS or TESOL are not needed for school application. Students can either pass the internal language test or take one-year language cause to get accepted in the main course accordingly.


  • Tuition fee: approx. AUD 10,000-20,000 p.a
  • Living expense: approx. AUD 15,000 – 30,000 p.a.

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