Successful Case 1 (Successful entry to the University of New South Wales, Australia, September 2017)

Students Gao studied at the Tongsheng Lake Experimental School in Changsha, Hunan Province, and in the third year of high school. In April 2017, I found the MEA Consultancy Changsha Office to consult Australian study abroad. According to the results of the high school students, we applied for the top 100 universities in the world and got the business admission notice of the pre-college plus business in February 2018.

In August 2017, students Gao decided to go abroad in advance, and the MEA team urgently contacted the school to change the start time and began to prepare for visas. Within a month, MEA team successfully helped the high school students to obtain a student visa and went to Australia smoothly to enter the dream university to start studying and living.

Successful Case 2 (After entering the public school in 2015, successfully transferred to the top 20 women’s private secondary schools in Victoria, Australia)

After finishing her first year in Shanghai, Zhang decided to go abroad. Because the decision was hastier, the preparation time was only three months. Since Zhang was an outstanding student in China, she decided to attend a private high school in Australia from the very beginning. However, private secondary schools in Australia are required to participate in an admission test called AEAS. Zhang only had a short three-month period and didn’t have enough time to take the test.

Zhang’s mother, Ms. Ren, found MEA Consultancy, after learning the background of the students. MEA team decided to apply for a public secondary school to Zhang, and then proceed to the AEAS exam after applying for a successful entry, and apply for a private secondary school. After the teamwork of the Australian team, the students finally applied to the top 20 private girls’ middle schools in Victoria.

Successful Case 3 (Entered the immigration profession, successfully got the Australian PR to find the job)

Zhang graduated from the University of Melbourne in Australia in 2013. After returning to work for 2 years, she wants to come to Australia to study immigration. However, because the previous major is not a major that can be immigrants, she can enroll in the Graduate Diploma of Education (Early Childhood) at RMIT. This professional course lasts only one year. After graduating, she can immigrate to Australia through skilled immigrants, which is a good immigration shortcut for this classmate. In addition, RMIT is a good institution. It is one of Australia’s oldest institutions of higher learning, and its employment rate has consistently ranked first in Australia.

Finally, the student decided to enroll in the education profession to immigrate, got the admission notice from RMIT through our help, and has successfully completed the study, and then successfully obtained the 189 permanent residence visa. The client has also successfully obtained the teacher qualification certificate and found the ideal job in Australia.

Successful Case 4 (With the score of college entrance examination, enrolled in the top 50 universities in the world)

Su has always been among the best in the country, and the college entrance examination has also scored very good results. It has exceeded the weight of the line by a few dozen points. However, the domestic competition is very fierce. Su finally received the admission notice from Southeast University. Before the college entrance examination, Su’s mother had already been in contact with Australia and asked if the Australian university accepted the college entrance examination results. The Australian team informed that according to the results of Su, you can apply to the top 50 universities in the world, such as the University of Tsinghua University.

Taking into account the development of all aspects and the importance of English, Su finally decided to abandon Southeast University and come to Australia to study abroad. In the end, Su was successfully admitted to the University of Sydney’s bioengineering program through Australia. Now, Su has studied at the University of Sydney and is well-adapted. She has always maintained a high degree of contact with the Australian headquarters in Australia and hopes to pursue a master’s degree at the University of Melbourne in the future.




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