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Melbourne Office (Headquarter)

Michael Wong黄国樑

 Managing Director

Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 1464553)

Education Counsellor (QEAC: H206; ITAC: 0608) 

Michael is a professional education counsellor in MEA Consultancy and also registered migration agent in Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARN).  Having been studying and working in Australian education and migration field for years, Michael has accumulated rich experience in dealing with various university and migration applications. As the migration law in Australia adapt to changing times, Michael has kept updating his professional knowledge in legal field. Also, he devotes himself to analysing every legal provision to ensure that immigration officers cannot find any trace of visa refusal. It is this spirit of hard work that enhances the company’s visa approval rate and well-received by customers.

Christina Liu刘芷菱

Counselling Director

Qualified Education Counsellor (QEAC: G121)

Christina is a qualified counsellor in MEA Consultancy who has been working in the field of education and migration consultation for more than 10 years.  Her excellent interpersonal and communication skills as well as the down-to-earth personality has attracted many potential customers. No matter how difficult the case is, she can spot key issues immediately and propose tailored solutions for clients with her careful analysis and explanation. Christina is reputable among the industry for her professionalism and gains high level of trust from clients. Most of  new clients are referred by existing clients. Her experience and knowledge always open up a new pathway for clients to achieve education and migration goals.

Yoyo Liu刘芷毓


Yoyo is the administration manager in MEA Consultancy. She did the Bachelor of sociology in China and Master of Accountant in Australia, which enables her to grasp solid knowledge about Chinese and Australian culture. As the company ’s administration manager,  she is able to coordinate the relationship between the staff because of her learning experience as a sociological student. Her excellent administrative ability creates a harmonious and comfortable office atmosphere for everyone and also guarantees the normal operation of the company. Her patient and outstanding ability in accounting have enabled her to manger the company’s financial systematically.

Monica Zhang张潇梦

Education and Migration Manager

Monica is the education and migration manager in MEA Consultancy. Having done both her Bachelor and Master degree in Australia has equipped with an advanced level of English proficiency, and her PTE result is over 85. As for the preparation of visa application, she always leads and works together with the team to confirm all the documents needed before the visa application, at the same time, communicate with customers in a timely manner, which greatly improved the efficiency of visa submission.

Monica’s gentle and careful way of collecting and sorting out material needed for visa application is the crucial part of the higher level of visa approval.

Crystal Xu 许祯

 Counsellor Supervisor

Crystal is a young and professional education and migration counsellor in MEA who has more than 6 years of working experience in this industry. Her active thinking and patience have allowed herself to provide customers with constructive and updated suggestions based on their personal situation. She has kept doing detailed case analysis after the case completion to further strengthen her professional advisory skills. It is her spirit of keeping making progress that ensures every client to get the most effective education and migration consultation in MEA.

Anya Li 李昕霖

Professional Counsellor

Anya is an experienced and professional education and migration counsellor who has recently joined the MEA team. She started her educational journey in Australia since middle school, her outstanding academic results enabled her to obtain a bachelor degree in commerce at the University of Melbourne and master degree in early childhood education at RMIT. The advanced western education and her oversea life experience have allowed her to provide appropriate and valuable suggestions to her customers based on the client’s individual circumstances.

Donna Qian 钱智多

 Education and Migration Assistant

Donna is an education and migration assistant in MEA. She is a master graduate in University of Melbourne and has excellent English writing skills.She has unparalleled patience with her clients. No matter how complicated the case is, she is able to conduct a comprehensive analysis to create the best solution based on customer’s interests.  Meanwhile, she is also responsible for handling offshore cases given by our  overseas offices, and quickly sorting out the list of material and submitting them, which helps colleagues in overseas offices to improve their efficiency and expand the social network.

Yang Yang 杨洋

 Education and Migration Assistant

Yang completed her undergraduate in Chinese international education major in China and is currently studying at the Monash University for the Master of  TESOL. The cross-learning between Chinese and English lead to she has a solid Chinese and English writing skills, which has laid a solid foundation for the copywriting work. Yang is very meticulous in doing things. For the collection of customer information and the preparation of materials, everything can be done in a clear and orderly manner. Moreover, she is careful to design the most appropriate copywriting documents according to the actual situation of the client, so that the client can smoothly obtain the applied school offer or visa.

Amy Li 李畅

Marketing Manager

Amy is the marketing manager in MEA Consultancy. She did her Bachelor of Advertising in China and  Master of Marketing Communication at the University of Melbourne. She is mainly responsible for event planning and promotion. Amy is quite skillful at graphic design, at, AI, CorelDRAW, and other image processing software. The Master of Marketing Communication program has enabled her to apply integrated marketing strategies freely. she is committed to launching various and entertaining online and offline activities for existing and new customers.

Fanny Shi 施艺帆

Marketing Officer

Fanny studied at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology’s Department of Design, with a keen and unique artistic sense of smell and rich design experience, good at graphic design and animation design. She also has a lot of enthusiasm for photography, able to shoot better planes and film and television works. At present, he is the design specialist of the marketing department of Aurang International Immigration, responsible for the layout of posters, brochures, etc., hoping to use the excellent design works to match the activities and planning of the marketing department, and enrich the user experience.

Hobart Office

Andy Li李经仑

 Branch Manager

Andy is a branch manager in Tasmania branch of MEA Consultancy. He first came to Australia in 2009 as a high school student, finished his Master of Business and Commerce at Monash University and chose to migrate in Australia. Having studied in Australia for many years has made him completely understand Australian education system and the changing migration policies. As a branch manager, he has strong communication and collaboration skills. He is good at motivating employees and adjusting the working atmosphere in the company. He is always customer-oriented and understands the needs of the market and customers.

Ian Li 李英汉

 Business Development Manager / Professional Counsellor

Ian is a business development manager and professional education and migration counsellor in Tasmania branch of MEA Consultancy. He has completed a double degree in applied physics and finance in China and a master’s degree in IT in Australia. From his learning experience, Ian has cultivated strong ability to learn and adapt to new things rapidly, which has helped him to make sense of and accept rapidly changing Australian immigration policy. No matter how complicated the case is, he can straighten out and provide the solution. He is extremely sincere and enthusiastic person. Thus he will do his best to help every customer to get an effective education and migration pathway.

Jessica Lam林小云

Administration Manager

Jessica is an administration manager in Tasmania branch of MEA Consultancy. She comes from Hong Kong and is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. Having stayed in Australia for nearly 10 years, Jessica has a deep understanding of Australian culture. Also, she is enthusiastic about making friends coming from different countries, which allows her to figure out a unique case solution when handling various education and migration cases with bearing cultural differences in mind.

Marius Chen陈超

Professional Counsellor

Marius graduated from the University of Melbourne International Business. During his undergraduate studies in Australia, he will be enthusiastic in helping students in the study group to advise on the life and visa issues of international students. These experiences have made him more helpful and more attentive, and also have a good understanding of the problems that foreign students are likely to encounter in their daily study abroad in Australia. As a consultant, he listens to every customer’s appeal, patiently answers every question of the customer, and based on the customer’s own needs, chooses the solution that best suits the customer. Marius regards the customer’s needs as their own needs and builds their joy on the customer’s joy, so as to protect each client’s dream of studying abroad.

Angel Li 李晶晶

Professional Counsellor

The major of Angelis English and she has a strong English background. Since 2015, she has been working in the education and migration industry in Australia and New Zealand for 4 years and is able to tailor her own study abroad program to meet the needs and characteristics of her clients. Angel is trusted by customers for her high success rate and satisfaction. In your studies, you can contact Angel and get timely help whenever you have any questions about progression, transfer, and renewal. After graduating from international students, Angel will also provide you with a series of services such as work visas and immigrant visas. “Every customer is a friend, and every friend deserves to be treated with sincerity” is the motto of Angel.

China Office (Changsha)

Ariel Zhong

Branch Manager

Ariel is the manager of the Changsha branch of MEA Consultancy. Ariel worked for Lenovo Group for 12 years before joining Australia International. She once worked as the regional manager of Lenovo Hunan. She led the team to work hard and worked hard to keep the customer’s needs in the first place. During the work of Lenovo, she repeatedly completed the task indicators issued by the company. She has extensive sales experience, channel maintenance experience, market development experience, team management experience, and she has strong expressive skills and communication skills. Her years of sales experience has made her always customer-oriented, tailor-made for clients. The immigration program and the provision of professional and high-quality services to help customers succeed on the road of life development are the goals of her and Hunan team.

Max Liu

Project Manager

Max has been in the company since the establishment of the Australian-based Changsha branch and has grown along with the Australian-based Changsha branch. His experience in studying in Australia has enabled him to personally experience the journey of domestic students studying abroad to develop high-quality projects that meet the needs of customers. His serious and responsible work attitude has enabled him to maintain close contact with his clients, to provide timely feedback on the results of the phase, and to promptly change the reasonable demands of the clients. As the project leader, Max ensures the realization of the project objectives and leads the project team to complete all the work on time and in good quality.

Sophie Wen

Manager Assistant

Sophie is rigorous and conscientious and treats people with kindness and generosity. As an assistant to the company manager, she can properly complete every kind of job. The concurrent administrative position has successfully completed the company’s logistics and ensured the normal operation of the company. There have been no leaks. She is clever in the company’s ears, and she also masters the expertise of most immigrants studying abroad. After completing my job, I actively seek market cooperation, customer development, and inspirational to become a professional overseas immigration consultant.


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