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Key Points To Take Home From the National Migration Conference 2023

Let's embark on a delightful journey as we wrap up the two-day National Migration Conference of 2023, thoughtfully hosted by the Migration Institute of Australia. This conference was a veritable feast of scintillating migration topics, akin to savouring an array of flavours from around the world. We explored an array of matters, from Australia's ageing demographic, charting the course for future migration programs, to the intriguing fusion of family law and migration. So, brace yourselves for this roller-coaster ride through the highlights of the event.

However, akin to a master illusionist, the Department of Home Affairs chose to maintain a shroud of secrecy, skillfully concealing the finer details of the major amendments to the Australian migration program. This enigmatic dance has been ongoing since Minister Clare O'Neil unveiled her intentions to usher in a new era for migration in her April 2023 address at the National Press Club.

Now, let's uncover the gems from this conference that promise to leave you both informed and entertained:

1) As the world grapples with the challenge of ageing populations, Australia acknowledges that migration stands as a potent elixir to address this demographic conundrum.

2) Temporary migration, like a finely aged wine, continues to be a vital component in Australian society, particularly in sectors such as hospitality and seasonal industries like winter sports.

3) The future of migration shall pivot towards a demand-driven approach, ensuring that the nation's needs are met, rather than being tethered solely to net overseas migration figures.

4) The backlog of visa applications within the labyrinthine channels of the Department of Home Affairs is being systematically cleared, offering hope to countless applicants.

5) In a momentous revelation, the Department of Home Affairs hints at forthcoming good news for subclass 482 and subclass 457 visa holders. They may soon find a path to permanent residency, regardless of their occupation, with this development anticipated in late October of the current year.

6) The government, like a vigilant guardian, is tightening its scrutiny of student visa applications, spurred by concerns of possible abuses in the student visa program.

7) The Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority has been reinforced with additional resources, poised to combat the wrongdoings of registered migration agents and unlicensed practitioners.

8) In a resolute stance, the Department of Home Affairs is committed to eradicating the scourge of temporary worker exploitation.

9) Thoughtful speakers have proffered a solution to this issue, advocating for the encouragement of temporary visa workers to report exploitation to the authorities without the looming spectre of visa cancellations or jeopardy to their prospects of acquiring permanent residency.

10) A reform of skill assessments is indeed on the horizon, aiming to address challenges posed by the current, often unrealistic, assessment criteria set by skill assessment bodies. However, this reform shall be an enduring journey.

11) Dr. Anne Webster MP, Federal Member for Mallee, has underlined the pivotal role of migration in regional areas, a sentiment that reverberated throughout the conference.

12) Administrative Appeals Tribunal member Katie Mallon proudly asserted that their decisions have consistently upheld the principles of good government. Interestingly, this comes in the context of the Labor Government's plans to reshape the AAT into the new Administrative Review Tribunal.

13) Research findings reveal that the skilled occupation list has fallen behind the rapidly evolving labour market, owing to its sluggish review mechanisms.

14) Startlingly, the cancellation of Australian citizenship, once a rare event, has gained prevalence in recent times.

15) Proposals are being entertained to potentially shift some visa cancellation reviews from the Migration & Refugee division to the General Division.

As the curtains fall on this conference, the details of the Labor government's intentions remain veiled, keeping us all in suspense. So, fasten your seatbelts, for the show is far from over!

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