Partner visa

Australia welcomes spouses of its citizens and permanent residents to join their partners and remain in Australia on a range of visas. The partner, no matter it is different-sex or same-sex, encompasses

  • Married couples,
  • Fiancés, and
  • Those in de-facto relationships.

Visa options for partners includes

To apply for one of the partner visas, you must

  • Be age of 18 or above (not necessary if you are legally married)
  • Have a partner who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident and an eligible sponsor
  • Be in a genuine and on-going relationship with your partner
  • Have a mutual commitment to a shared life

A Case Officer will assess the relationship between your partner and you heavily. Hence, preparation of an application is complicated. For a de-facto relationship, the case officer will find out how long you have been living together. Regulations tell us a minimum of 12 months is mandatory. However, cases told us this is not true, Contact Us for more details.

Contact MEA Consultancy for more information and visa options or complete the online assessment form by which our counselor will be in touch shortly.

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