Parent visa

Australian citizens and permanent residents are welcomed to bring their parents to Australia. Australia offers permanent and temporary visa options for parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents to remain in Australia. Each of them requires applicants to meet a certain set of requirements. For example, some parent visas impose age requirement.

Generally speaking, you are eligible to apply for a parent visa if

  • You have a child who is an Australian citizen or permanent resident and the child is an eligible sponsor; and
  • You pass the balance of family test.

Usually, some types of parent visas involve a long turnover time. Other types have a quick turnover time but extra requirements are imposed. As there are different options, sometimes makes applicants and sponsors confused. Contact MEA Consultancy and we will provide you with options that suit your needs and budget.

Contact MEA Consultancy for more information and visa options or complete the online assessment form by which our counsellor will be in touch shortly.

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