International Legal Team

Mendis & Gibson, an independent legal subsidiary of Mea Consultancy, has five experienced lawyers who specialize in immigration, litigation, taxation, international legal affairs, etc. They will provide comprehensive legal support and protection for our overseas investment and immigration clients. As a Melbourne-based law firm with a high reputation both inside and outside Australia, especially specializing in the transfer of property and business property rights, various litigation, commercial law, family law, civil disputes and other fields, which was awarded the best real estate and business law firm in Victoria in 2016, we promise to bring to the best to our clients.
Michael Wong

Registered Migration Agent & Solicitor

Michael is the chairman of the Mea Consultancy and a senior partner of Mendis & Gibson. Proficient in immigration law, and has extremely rich legal knowledge and practical experience, with the ability to ensure a high approval rate of Mea Group.

Sidney Mendis

Principal Barrister & Solicitor

Sidney Mendis has over 35 years of experience as an advocate in commercial, civil, family law and criminal litigation. He has practiced in Australia and Overseas.

Yianni Koulouris


Bachelor of Law and Economics, proficient in all kinds of commercial law.

Shawn Mendis


Good at real estate and business transactions

Patrick Said


Bachelor of law, proficient in all kinds of commercial law and labor law