How can I apply Skilled Independent Visa?2018-10-16T16:08:45+11:00

Students are eligible to apply for Skilled Independent Visa only when applicants’ courses that studied in Australia are in the Medium and long-term strategic skills list published by the Department of Home Affair.

What English language tests do Australian education providers accept?2018-10-16T12:20:14+11:00

Australian institutes accept a wide range of English proficiency test including IELTS, PTE, TOFEL and other well-known English proficiency test. However, different institutes adopt different English proficiency policies. Please contact us before registering for a test.

What is the entry requirements of academic performance?2018-09-27T15:19:57+10:00

Entry requirements vary from course to course. Hence, required average marks are different. MEA counsellor will advise you according to your circumstance.

What are the Australian migration policies? How to calculate the point of migration?2018-09-27T15:16:59+10:00

According to the Australian migration policies, students are eligible to apply Australian migration visa only when their migration point reaches 65.

The scoring criteria include:

Age score
• 25 points for 18-24 years;
• 30 points for 25-32 years;
• 25 points for 33-39 years old;
• 15 points for 40-44 years old

English score
• IELTS 7 points (7 points or more for each item) will receive 10 points;
• IELTS 8 points (8 points for each item) will receive 20 points);

• 15 points for an undergraduate or master’s degree in Australia,
• 20 points for an Australian doctorate

The scoring system varies from person to person, please contact us for further information.

Do I need to prepare extra supporting documents for application?2018-09-27T15:16:22+10:00

Some courses like Fine Arts, Music, Design and Architecture require portfolios.

How long for the application?2018-10-16T16:11:13+11:00

Secondary School: 2 – 3 weeks
Foundation studies: 1 – 2 weeks
Vocational courses: 1 – 2 weeks
Undergraduate and Postgraduate coursework courses: 2 – 6 weeks
Research courses: Various (please consult MEA counsellors)
Attention: These are for indication only. Actual turnaround time might be affected by different reasons.

Will I get online interview during course application?2018-09-27T15:14:53+10:00


I failed some subjects during prior study, will this affect my application?2018-09-27T15:13:20+10:00

Not necessarily. Institutes will assess your academic background comprehensively and they will weigh the recent years more. Therefore, if you failed a subject in your first year but you obtained fairly good results recently, the impact will be limited.
However, for onshore student, if your failure resulted in breach of student visa condition, institutes may refuse your application.

Do I need to provide personal statement, GRE or GMART?2018-09-27T15:12:51+10:00

It depends on course and institute of your interest. MEA counsellor will advise you accordingly.

How to pay for my tuition fee?2018-09-27T15:12:07+10:00

Tuition fee can be TT to the institute’s bank account or paid by credit card. However, some institute will charge credit card surcharge.

When should I start my application?2018-09-27T15:11:48+10:00

To apply for undergraduate courses – As early as you complete Year 11.
To apply for postgraduate courses – As early as you complete the second last year of your undergraduate study.

How to check my status of visa application?2018-09-27T15:10:21+10:00

You may log into the MEA Client portal to check the application status. Your counsellor will also acknowledge you every piece of corresponding received.

How is my academic performance assessed by Australian education providers.2018-09-27T15:10:06+10:00

Australian institutes adopt Grade Point Average (GPA) or average mark system for assessment while most Australian institutes take the second approach. If your current institute adopts the GPA approach, MEA counsellors will convert them for you.

Why do I need to get a conditional offer in advance?2018-09-27T15:09:23+10:00

In the admission process, it usually takes a couple of weeks for the assessment after submitting the supporting documents. This indicated turnaround time may be extended during the peak season. For a student who plan to continue further study right after the current study, the student is unlikely to catch the intake if he starts the application process after he complete the current course. However, it only takes a few days to convert a conditional offer to a full offer and Coe. Obtaining a conditional offer in advance can speed up the whole process.

In addition, students can obtain a conditional offer before having a proof of English proficiency. Experience shows that students with a conditional offer will be more confident when taking English proficiency test. The pass rate will also be higher.

Do I need to get a valid result of English proficiency before application?2018-09-27T15:09:06+10:00

No. Proof of English proficiency may be submitted at the later stage. Offer issued without showing English proficiency is conditional.

What is Conditional offer, full offer, package offer and COE?2018-09-27T15:08:31+10:00

Conditional Offer
This is the offer your school send you with certain conditions. The offer will list some requirements according to applicant`s situation. Applicants need to certain conditions including finishing your current study or reaching English requirements.

Full Offer
Applicants will received full offer when they satisfied all conditions. Then applicants can get a Coe after submitting related documents, fulfilling money deposit and payment.
Coe (Confirmation of Enrolment)

Coe is the verification of enrolment sent by your school. Once your school confirms your documents and payment, you will be recorded in an immigration system. It is followed by your student visa application.

What documents do I need to get a school offer?2018-09-27T15:08:20+10:00

Besides your personal ID (such as passport), you still need an English test record, your school transcription and certification. Some courses may need more information such as portfolios and personal statements.

Do I need to attend an interview when I apply student visa?2018-09-27T15:07:50+10:00

No, you don`t. But to students who are oversea, some visa officers may call students or their parents to conduct an interview.

How long for visa processing time?2018-09-27T14:58:53+10:00

For student who lodged overseas, Australian immigration government claims to process within 12 weeks. But from our own experience, sometimes within one week.

For student who lodged in Australia, the period is decided by the course you applied. To most students, their visa can be issued within two weeks and sometimes as fast as a day.
However, there are two factors that may cause delay. One is that you apply during peak time and the other is the lack of application data.