Skilled Migration

Skilled Migration refers to a range of visa options for those skilled workers who want to live in Australia permanently.


These include options for skilled people applying as an independent migrant as well as those sponsored by a relative or nominated by a State or Territory government.


Visa Options

  • Skilled Independent visa - subclass 189

  • Skilled Nominated visa - subclass 190

  • Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) Visa - Subclass 491


Basic Requirements

  • be invited to apply

  • 45-year-old or younger

  • nominate an occupation that matches your skills and qualifications and is on the relevant skilled occupation list

  • have a valid skill assessment

  • have at least competent English

  • score at least 65 on the points test

  • meet the health and character requirements



  • GSM visas are point-tested visas. In other words, The Australian immigration authority will award you points against your circumstances and invite you to apply for a visa if you meet the pass-mark

  • Australia employs an automatic system called Skill Select for this task. Skill Select involves a few critical checkpoints – Express of Interest (EOI), database, ranking, occupation ceiling, and invitation


Express of Interest (eoi)

  • From July 2012, if you would like to migrate to Australia using your skills, you are required to inform the Australia immigration authority that you would like to obtain a permanent visa with your skill by providing information including your personal particulars, education background and working experience


Database and Ranking

  • Once the database has gathered the information you have provided, the database will screen your data and award you point against various criteria

  • If your point test achieves the pass mark, your EOI will be put on the ranking. EOI with higher points will be ranked higher.

  • For two EOI scoring same points, the EOI lodger earlier will be ranked higher



  • Based on a particular round of invitation, the invitation will be given out to the EOI in accordance with the ranking


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