Education Appeals

The Australian Academic Progress Procedure and the corresponding legal process are combined with:

Student at risk -> Faculty Committee (Show Cause) -> Academic Board Appeal (Internal Appeal)

-> External Appeal 


Student at Risk


Many students have received universities’ waring letters because of poor academic performance such as failing in half of the subjects and lower attendance rates.


The university will inform you that you are a student at risk and you are required to meet up with the course adviser, explaining your personal situation and making out a study plan with the help of course adviser.


Show Cause


After that, if you continue to fail in subjects, then you would have broken the satisfactory Course Progress. The university will issue you a letter of show cause, and you must fill out the form and submitted on time, sometimes, students will be required for attending a hearing.

At this stage, you must:

  • have enough evidence to prove that you have a compelling and compassionate reason

  • give a reasonable explanation of your poor academic performance

  • inform that how you will overcome all the obstacles in your study

  • guarantee that you will improve your academic performance without failing in any subject.

Attention: this is the last step prior to student expulsion. Therefore, students need to pay special attention! The step requires a high quality of interpretation letter enough material preparation.


Show Cause Fail


If a student failed or missed the show cause, then he/she would receive a Notification of intention to cancel the enrolment letter. At this stage, Students can choose to drop out, transfer to another school, or choose to appeal, but MEA Consultancy would like to remind everyone that if you chose to appeal, then you have to bear the risk of visa cancellation.


Academic Board Appeal

(Internal Appeal)



After receiving the Notification of intention to cancel enrolment letter, students usually have 20 days to decide whether appeal or not. However, please be sure to contact with professional education counsellors before the appeal, and consider it clearly, there must be very favorable evidence to refute the school’s expulsion decision.



(External Appeal)


After being reported to the Australian DHA, a student’s visa is automatically canceled. Students must explain to the DHA within 28 days that why they should not be expelled. If this stage is operated properly, students can still get their visas back. MEA suggests that you should contact a professional migration agent to make sufficient preparations, and it is better to be accompanied by a migration agent to meet up with the visa officer. If a student’s appeal failed, then his/her student visa will be cancelled and the DHA would issue you a  Bridging Visa E. 


Contact us


Contact MEA Consultancy for more information and visa options or sign up with us and one of our counselors will be in touch shortly.

VISA Appeal

Administrative Appeals Tribunal -> Federal Circuit Court of Australia  -> Federal Court of Australia -> High Court

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the appeal, you can continue to appeal to the High Court, it may take several years and a lot of money, so few people have gone to this step because their visa was rejected.


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