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MEA Consultancy is a Melbourne based education and immigration agency. It is committed to providing clients with the most professional, updated information on education, immigration and career planning in Australia. Our brand-new office is located at the heart of Melbourne CBD (250 Queen Street), which is easily accessed for our customers.

The professionalism and enthusiasm are the foundation at MEA consultancy. Therefore, we totally understand every customer’s needs, and dedicated to providing tailored case solutions for every customer. As for university applications, we will create the most suitable education plans based on each student’s personal interests, abilities and expectations for future careers. While for immigration applications, we will offer the most effective immigration plans with taking the latest immigration trends and customers’ own plans into consideration.

Our Journey

MEA Consultancy was established in 2013. Our founder, Michael Wong and Christina Liu, have been engaged in education and immigration fields for more than 10 years, they can handle each case effectively and accurately. Thus, our clients can rely on Michael’s and Christina’s professionalism in dealing with Australian university and immigration applications.

Whether it is applications for secondary school, bachelor, master’s degree or immigration, feedbacks coming from our customers have always being positive, and most of our current clients are recommended by our previous customers. Michael and Christina were international students, and then chose to immigrate in Australia after graduation, therefore, they have way better understanding in the needs of overseas students than others in this field just because they have been through all the processes of being from international students to Australian citizens. Having worked in the field for many years, we know the need for further strengthening the industry, such as insisting on service-oriented spirit and seeking humanistic care. Therefore, MEA is based on the principle of “Creating a Better Future for Customers” to help students at home and abroad. Thus, it aims to create a unique education and migration company.

It is the hard work of the two founders that MEA consultancy has continued to grow and attract outstanding overseas students with the shared belief. In 2015, MEA consultancy set up an agent office in Brisbane, while MEA opened its first Chinese branch in Changsha which was the hometown of Christina Liu, and another branch in Hobart in 2016 and 2018 respectively. We are currently setting up two new offices in Beijing and Hongkong, which is expected to be ready in the middle of 2019. Also, MEA is planning to expand the European market in 2019 to establish the service network on a global scale.

Our vision & mission

MEA aims to create a better future for our customers, therefore we are customer-oriented and committed to provide one-stop consultancy. Meanwhile, after the establishment of our own unique brand assets, MEA has devoted itself to strengthen cultural exchanges among countries and promote physical and psychological development of teenagers. Also, we have held a variety of offline activities both in Australia China, which has enriched attendees’ personal experience, expanded their social circles and improved their attachment with MEA.

Michael Wong, CEO of MEA Consultancy, was born in Hongkong and is currently the Major General of Association of Hong Kong Flag-guards. In recent years, Mr. Wong has been committed to the Chinese students’ overseas study and has planned a variety of cultural activities to promote the national spirit and help youth development. For example, he held the activities under the “Belt and Road” policy in Hong Kong in early 2018. Under the guidance of strong spirit of teamwork, MEA consultancy is committed to improving the education level of the motherland and becoming one of the solid bridges connecting the development of Chinese and Australian culture.

Based on the principle of “creating a bright future for customers”, the working atmosphere in MEA Consultancy is also focused and relaxed. When dealing with work tasks, every staff in MEA is detailed oriented, we meticulously sort out and verify each information of customers, and regularly reflect their previous work. MEA holds professional training every Thursday to improve the professionalism of each employee and to provide better services for customers.

After work, the company will organize regular group activities, such as dinning out, singing Karaoke, and traveling, to enhance the teamwork spirit, so that everyone can cooperate more efficiently. There is no doubt that each member in MEA Consultancy is full of vigor and vitality, and also has great enthusiasm for work, which makes us rest in the outstanding position of education and migration industry in Australia.

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