I really appreciate all the previous copywriting work of Changsha’s team. Especially when I changed my mind temporarily, they could also deal with it quickly, so that I could successfully enter the University of New South Wales. I didn’t know anything when I came to Australia, I was grateful to Christina from MEA Consultancy for helping me apply for a bank card and telephone card.

The most impressive thing was that I had no idea that I had received counterfeit money. When I went shopping, I was almost alerted by the clerk! Thanks to Christina give me a “timely rescue” and told me how to cope this situation, I finally got through it. If you are willing to come to Australia, there is no need to have a hesitation to choose MEA Consultancy.


The MEA Consultancy has a high efficiency, and the whole process of the case is very fast. The plan was designed very reasonable which gave the child enough time to pass the AEAS once and had a good impression when applying for a private school, so that the child could get the offer successfully. When my child studied in Melbourne, he also met the health insurance problem. The MEA team in Melbourne contacted the insurance company to handle it. The work efficiency is really satisfying.

Ms Ren

In accordance with my own situation, Christina recommended the pre-school education (GD) of RMIT in combination with my previous professional field. Her services are professional which can able to design the most appropriate immigration plan for students and provide the latest immigration trends. After I graduated, Christina actively handled the relevant procedures and kept in touch with me all the time to ensure to submit the materials in time. Christina understands the different needs of each client and their loved professional areas, and then gives appropriate advice, so that the clients could get PR and find the future job easily.

Lei Zhang
MEA Consultancy is really in the position to consider the future of my child. The suggestions and proposals are very pertinent and rigorous, and they can ensure that our children enter schools successfully. And while the child is alone in Australia, the MEA Consultancy also gave the child a lot of help, and can cope the problems which occur to the children’s daily life in a timely and accurate way. As the parent, I am really reassured and extremely grateful.
Qian Su's Mom

I would higher recommend MEA Consultancy. I was able to get my student visa within weeks from when I first apply due to their speedy service, and they were always readily available to answer all my questions. Once I went for my visa medical assessment which they arranged, I got my student visa in 4 days. Awesome service and friendly staff! Thank you so much!

Rebecca Chui

A friend referred me to MEA and I’m glad I listened. Thanks to Michael and his excellent team I got my PR grant with minimum hassle on my part. I wish MEA the best for their continuous hard work, passion, and dedication. 🙂

Kazi Sattar

Very glad to get my 485 visa today,thanks to Michael and Mea Consultants.They have been really helpful and curteous.

I am glad to Refer MEA CONSULTANCY for their Excellent Services, Very professional & friendly Team. I am glad that I used MEA Consultancy to File my 189 visa application. It is approved today after a short period of time. Thank you soooo Much MEA TEAM. Very glad to get my 485 visa today, thanks to Michael and MEA Consultants. They have been really helpful and courteous.
Ijaz Sarwar

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