With the start of the new week, a thrilling event in Tasmania on July 9th! That is – the MEA Consultancy Hobart branch opened grandly! !

After three months of intensive preparations by the MEA team’s Hobart team, the MEA Consultancy Hobart branch finally made its debut in the eyes of the public, making a call for the Hobart team’s efforts! !

Surprisingly, the Big BOSS Michael at the Australian headquarters in Melbourne and the senior immigration planner Christina also aired Hobart to help cut the ribbon for the opening event! There should be flowers applause here~~

Wow! This ribbon-cutting ceremony is really eye-catching, and even the audience has taken professional photography to record this extraordinary moment. Next, let me lead everyone to review the opening and exciting activities of the Hobart branch yesterday!

Friends in Tasmania have expressed their willingness to participate in our opening activities since they learned that the MEA team is about to enter Hobart. The day of the event is full of people, far exceeding the number of people who are expected to register! Many friends even responded to the call of this MEA journey even if they stood up~

First of all, the MEA BOSS gave a speech for the opening event. MEA Consultancy is very grateful to the trust and support of our friends for the past few years. The Hobart team is an elite team carefully cultivated by the Australian headquarters. After professional training and assessment, each member has a high level of professional ability and a dedication. They will continue to develop themselves and strive to provide better services for everyone and become your one-stop immigration.

Subsequently, the big BOSS conducted a lecture on studying immigrants according to the recent adjustment of the immigration policy 【How to not be 489, in-depth analysis of 65 points, may 70 points next year? 】, these contents are the most concerned topics for everyone at present, BOSS is also trying hard to bring the most in-depth interpretation for everyone.

What if the score is not enough? Then you may still be a CCLT! The Hobart team arranged a “additional artifact” for everyone – senior interpreters and examiners for the latest situation, bring you a comprehensive interpretation of CCLT and related advice, to give you 5 points at your fingertips!

Surprise again and again, the Hobart team also invited the Navitas Career Admissions Officer and Internship Arrangement Officer to help out! For everyone to analyze the highly anticipated “internship is not in place” incident, and brought a professional year surprise gift package! Please give me such a tester a dozen! !

After the opening day of the first day, the professional consultants of the Hobart team provided face-to-face consultation services. Everyone consciously arranged a long line, and also let the Australian team appreciate the positive attitude of the Tasmania friends. Enthusiasm Hobart’s team’s business ability and work attitude have been well received by the audience!

I warm reminder, on the 10th and 11th, there will also be senior immigration lawyers and study immigration planners at the Melbourne headquarters. Make one-on-one appointments in Hobart to solve problems for friends and plan the future for everyone!

The MEA Big BOSS will join hands with members of the MEA Hobart Division to work together to provide the most practical services for friends in Tasmania. MEA will also be your one-stop immigration butler, as always.💖