The Department of Home Affairs(DHA) has announced an important change to the sponsor requirement for partner visa application, whether the adjustment would contribute to a positive or negative impact? How it would affect the application process? Let’s check this out!


MEA Service-Change to the Partner visa

Processing time

Currently, for subclass 820 Temporary Visa, the processing time is 20-25 month;

For subclass 801 Permanent Visa is 18-25 month;

For subclass 309 Provisional Visa is 13-17 month;

For subclass 100 Permanent Visa is 17-23 month.

3 years validity for the Stage 1 820/309 Visa, no e-mail reminder of PR application material

Before the change was made, the Stage 1 Visa has no limitation for validity, applicants who are holding subclass 820/309 can submit the application for subclass 801/100 whenever they want until they make the decision. However, the validity of the subclass 820/309 visa is 3 years after the change, the applicants should apply for 801/100 visa before their current visa expired.

Also, the Department of Home Affairs indicates that they will no longer remind the applicant for submitting materials via e-mail after they reach the PR requirement.

For most clients, MEA consultancy used to prepare the all the materials for 801/100 visa after 2 years after they receive the 820/309 visa, the change of 3 years validity will have little impact on most of our clients. So it is no need to panic if you choose MEA consultancy!

Our System also set up the reminder for submitting PR material after 2 years, so the change of stopping e-mail reminder from DHA will also have little impact on our clients!


The extra application fee for Stage 2

Before the change was made, applicants need to pay at least $7160 for the application of 820/309 visa, no extra fee was required for Stage 2 application. However, the new policy requires an extra fee for the Stage 2 application.

In sum, the application fee for Stage 1 had reached $7000 by July 1st, 2017, we strongly recommend to submit the application as soon as possible if you want to apply for a Partner visa.

The stricter requirement for the sponsor

In order to reduce the domestic violence rate, the Department of Home Affair has decided to ask the sponsor to provide an Australian Police Certificate as well as Australian Federal Police check from November 2016. We need to notice that this is the requirement for the sponsor instead of the applicants, the applicants are always asked to provide their Australian Federal Police check along with their application.


Strengthen censorship on fake partnership

The refusal rate for Partner visa could reach 25% due to the changing attitude toward marriage in Australian society. It is easier for people to get married as well as divorce, there is also an increasing number of people choose to cohabitate with their partner instead of getting married. The 820/309 visa of the applicants will be canceled if their partnership with the sponsor was proved no longer exist, such as the termination of cohabitating or divorce, which also leads to the higher refusal rate.

As for 801/100 permanent Partner visa, the termination of the partnership will not lead to the cancellation of the visa, so it is not necessary to feel anxious or unconfident about high refusal rate which is highly attributed to social factors.

Nevertheless, it is undeniable that the DHA will have a strengthening censorship on fake partnership, both the applicant and the sponsor will experience a stricter examination. Therefore the applicant should keep a close eye with the updating policy.


MEA consultancy service-approach to applying for the Partner visa

–    Domestic 820/801 Partner visa

–    Overseas 309/100 Partner visa

–    Overseas 300 Prospective Marriage visa

You may be eligible for a partner category visa if you are:

–    Spouse of an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, or

–    De facto partner (including same-sex relationships) with an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen.

–    Marriage relationship must have existed before the application

–    Fiancé, the child under 18-year-old (including your child, stepchild, and adopted child) and other family members can apply as dependants, but they need to be wholly reliant on the sponsor physically and psychologically.


The policy is changing all the time without any pre-notice, we highly recommend you to get prepared as soon as possible, and don’t feel lonely during your application, if you have any need or confusion, please feel no hesitate to make an appointment with our professional team!

PS: MEA consultancy have a record of 0 refusal rate for the Partner visa, we are confident to assist you with your Partner visa, just provide us your materials and everything will be fixed!